Circular economy

Circular economy

In the transition from a linear to circular economy, the human scale is the starting point.

Thomas Rau and Sabine Oberhuber are leading the theme Circular Economy.

The Major Alliance aims for a more prosperous and developed world. Therefore, we stimulate circular business models through which corporates can create economic value, by creating products or services while staying the owner of the raw materials. In this way, a more sustainable model arises while at the same time ecological pressures are being reduced.

Furthermore, the Alliance supports the Universal Declaration of the Material Rights (UDMR) created by architect and visionary Thomas Rau. Evidently, human beings do have rights, yet what about materials? The concept of a UDMR triggers and provides decisionmakers, users, owners and designers with ideas that can stimulate the circular economy. An instrument which can store these rights is the so-called Madaster. The Madaster is a public-private online library of materials in the built environment, as it registers, organizes and stores data of used raw materials.



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