Cultural heritage

Cultural heritage

“Securing of material and immaterial heritage as a condition for contemplation, inspiration and innovation.”

Cultural heritage makes us aware of our culture and history, therefore it is an important part of our society. However - and regrettably - cultural heritage, like churches and monasteries, is under pressure for several reasons. Therefore, we attempt to investigate and analyze the nature, size and approaches to this problem together with various actors.

In collaboration with the Carnegie Foundation and the SDG Charter, the Alliance sets a so-called Peace Agenda for the Peace Palace and suggested the Peace Palace to function as a SDG house. These new functions and activities of the Peace Palace connect to the original mission of the Peace Palace, which makes this iconic building still relevant in this day and age.

Another project involves the realization of the National Holocaust Monument that originated in collaboration with the Dutch Auschwitz Committee. This monument memorizes 102.000 Dutch Jews, Roma and Sinti. With the contribution of governmental and private sponsorship this monument will be realized in Amsterdam in Spring 2019.


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