Healthy life

Healthy life

“To encourage positive healthcare and innovation for a long and healthy life through a holistic approach.”

The Major Alliance acknowledges the need to work on a sustainable health care system that is focussed on healthy living. One cannot start too early with stimulating a healthy life style, so that children can extend their lives in good health. In this respect, the theme of Healthy Life overlaps with the theme of Safe and Healthy Growing.

In collaboration with the Noaber Foundation’s Healthy Life Alliance (HLA), the Major Alliance believes there is a need to build a sustainable and holistic health care system that is focused on Healthy Living. In order to achieve this, we have chosen four subthemes; food, housing, work, and leisure. That is, living a healthy life is determined by one’s behaviour, diet, work and work life balance and leisure time. In cooperation with the HLA and an extensive list of other partners, we organise tables that facilitate processes in which the vision that is been outlined above, are turned into concrete results. By inviting civil society, business and the government(s) for these table sessions, we expand our knowledge and achieve our goals faster.

A healthier life style not only benefits the individual, but also spares the health care system. Therefore a National Prevention Agreement is being designed in cooperation with funds, interest groups and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, in which the transition from curative to preventive health care forms the basic principe.


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