Netherlands Academy of Philanthropy (NAP)

Netherlands Academy of Philanthropy (NAP)

“To better position philanthropy as a science, to link knowledge with practice and to involve younger generations in the field of philanthropy.”

Within the sector of philanthropy, the attention for the impact of donations to civil society increases. For corporates social engagement becomes more and more part of doing business itself. The government recognizes the importance of effective collaboration, while she is reinventing her role on different territories in society. It is obvious that all these actors actively orientate on new instruments and collaboration forms. These conditions have led to the establishment of the Netherlands Academy of Philanthropy (NAP). The NAP is a partnership between the Major Alliance and professors in the field of philanthropy, venturing philanthropy and social venturing. This Academy facilitates productive and effective collaboration between its members, which originate from different Dutch universities. Furthermore, it aims to highlight the role of philanthropy in the widest sense in Dutch society. Within the framework of its mission and objectives the NAP undertakes various online and offline activities, such as maintaining an online knowledge platform and organizing a variety of events.

On the 11th of September 2017, the launch of the NAP has taken place in the Peace Palace in The Hague. In accordance with this first event, the NAP will organize an annual event which is connected to a relevant philanthropic theme.

Furthermore, the NAP will annually organize the NAP Thesis Award in collaboration with a university or other (educational) Dutch institute. The goal of the NAP Thesis Award is to encourage students to do research in the field of philanthropy. Theses that are taken into consideration for the award cover the subject of philanthropy in its widest sense. Subjects can encompass people or companies donating financial means to charity, social entrepreneurship, volunteering, crowdfunding and so forth.

The website functions as a knowledge platform, on which knowledge in the form of publications, articles and media appearances is exchanged. In this way, professionals in the philanthropic sector as well as the public on a larger scale are informed about philanthropical research, events and activities through one channel. By sharing knowledge, the NAP aims to promote a joint research agenda.


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