Safe and healthy growing

Safe and healthy growing

Ensuring a safe and healthy living environment in which young people can develop with a view of (self) respect and full participation in society.

The Major Alliance is convinced that a better world for future generations starts with children. A society can be more resilient and wealthy in a sustainable manner if children are raised in a loving and balanced surrounding with clearly defined boundaries and have enough opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Every child deserves a chance to grow up safe and healthy. Every threat to one’s childhood not only influences the rest of one’s life, but also for the welfare of future generations in general.

In comparison with other European countries the Netherlands is inhabited by a relatively large number of young people. Nearly three out of ten residents in the Netherlands are below the age of twenty-five, which equates to nearly five million people. While the majority of these young individuals have opportunities that exceed those of their counterparts throughout the world, there are indeed vulnerable children in the Netherlands who require extra care, attention, and support to prevent them from falling by the wayside. In close co-operation with our partners, we focus on boosting a safe and healthy environment, enabling development and future prospects and encouraging participation in society amongst this demographic target group. The expertise of NGOs and scientific research is at the forefront of all organized tables and projects related to this theme.

Along with its partners, the Alliance identifies the various stages of a child’s lifecycle and seeks to point out any blind spots or lacks in terms of co-ordination and support. The goal of this strategy is to enable the involved stakeholders to co-operate more closely on a joint mission: to ensure that all children grow up safe and healthy.


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