Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2000, the United Nations created the first development goals for the world. In September 2015 the UN created new sustainable development goals. These new goals apply to all countries and are the most important international agreements for human rights, economic growth, peace and security, and climate.

In the Netherlands, a broad range of disciplines work towards these goals nationally and internationally. In the corporate sector, as well as in civil society organizations and knowledge institutes, SDG initiatives are numerously being developed. In collaboration with the SDG Charter, different events are organized for governmental bodies, corporates, civil society, knowledge institutes and philanthropic organizations, in order to connect the numerous initiatives and to realize the goals in 2030.

The Major Alliance contributes to the SDGs by facilitating solution partnerships and by connecting the philanthropic sector to the goals. In collaboration with the SDG Charter, the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition and NL2025, the Alliance works towards social innovation and solution partnerships for a better world.


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