Call for initiatives and projects New Mobility Foundation

Call for initiatives and projects New Mobility Foundation

The New Mobility Foundation is looking for inspiring initiatives and projects that are related to mobility and transport poverty.

The project support consists of financial means and deployment of an extensive network of funds, companies and governments. The target groups of these initiatives and projects should encompass vulnerable citizens in our society, such as the elderly, disabled, low incomes and refugees. Furthermore, the initiatives and projects should embrace digital means, like apps or smart technology.

We believe that innovative digital means are the way to tackle the long-standing issue of transport poverty and its negative side effects such as social isolation, loss of education and job opportunities and physical health. We also believe that digital means are beneficial for safe and sustainable transport. From this perspective, the criteria for initiatives and projects comply with at least two of the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to accessible, safe and sustainable transport, which the New Mobility Foundation has a strong commitment to. It therefore is considered a plus if projects and initiatives are somehow related to these goals. Lastly, the initiatives and projects can either be found in the Netherlands or abroad.

In short, the main criteria identified:

  • Focus should be on our target group: elderly, disabled, low incomes and refugees;
  • Innovative digital means should play an important role;
  • Should lead to less social isolation, increased opportunities for education and employment and benefit physical health.

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