The mission of the Major Alliance:

Building a better society by bringing together, funds, companies and the government to increase the impact of social initiatives.

The Major Alliance aims to create a higher return for society by taking the initiative to: 

  • Align ideas
  • Joining forces
  • Remove implementation obstacles

Willingness to a more cooperative approach stems from recent developments within the philanthropic sector, namely the increased attention to the impact donations make in society. In the private sector, corporate social responsibility has increasingly become a part of doing business itself. The government recognizes the importance of effective cooperation, at a time when it is reassessing its role in various fields. NGOs too are open to other solutions. Therefore, all three actors are exploring new instruments and forms of cooperation.

"Funds alone can not realize social impact, therefore you need partners from the private sector and the government." Paul Baan, Founder Noaber Foundation

Funds, corporations, government and NGOs are increasingly aware of the need to collaborate, cooperate and take a future-oriented approach, if they wish to tackle the complex social challenges facing society. By collaborating we can identify key social actors, create a dialogue and work together - each using our own strength - to provide solutions to problems that are too big and too complex to handle individually. We have chosen to take an integrated and context-oriented approach to social issues. The Alliance involves organizations such as the WRR, SCP, CBS, SER and knowledge and also makes use of relevant research from other sources.

The Major Alliance commits parties by initiating so-called "tables". Through the tables leaders of philanthropic organizations, business and the government are able to exchange knowledge and experience on social issues. Jointly working to develop strategic solutions to parties by more long-term visions, analyze structural "flaws" and to share the lessons of existing methods. The tables are focused on the following topics: Growing up Safe & Healthy, Migration, Cultural Heritage, Circular Economy and Healthy Life. 

On an international level, the Alliance actively contributes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda of the United Nations. An example involves the contribution and support for Philips’ Community Life Centers in Kenia, Congo and South-Africa, with the intention to rollout the concept in Africa as a whole. The integral approach towards the Sustainable Development Agenda offers an opportunity for the Netherlands to position itself as a leading example in the context of collaboration between the public and the private sector, while also giving an impulse to the establishment of international foundations in the Netherlands.

The Major Alliance is not a fundraiser. Are you looking for funding? Please see: www.fondsenzoeken.nl



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